Guardianship: A Broken Trust

This was posted in:  THE PALM BEACH POST By John Pacenti – Palm Beach Post Staff Writer and Updated: 6:26 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2016   Because in all the years I’ve spent in Elder Care Management within Palm Beach County, this really article really got my interest. Interesting read for those in the field.  Circuit Judge Martin Colin’s tenure […]

To A Special Young Lady

What seems like yesterday is still fresh in my mind. On that night so long ago you entered my life as you left your cocoon of nine months, yelling loudly as your eyes made contact with those fluorescent hospital lights. When they placed you in my arms I smiled as I saw the mane of […]

Whatever Happened to Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother?

Detective Allen arrived promptly at my office to our 1:00 pm meeting as promised.  We exchanged cards sitting for an interview regarding allegations made by my client’s evening staff to Adult Protective Services and then to Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) concerning an adult family member’s exploitation and abuse.  Responding to Detective Allen’s questions as to […]

Food and Your Health

“Food and Your Health”   A wonderful article I came across on Lori LaBey’s blog this morning written by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa……. Glad I’m not alone in the reason why I eat the way I do. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine once said, “Let food be thy medicine.”Can food help prevent memory loss and […]

The Woman Who Shaped Me

Maria Luisa Arriaga raised and educated three children in one of the toughest areas of the Bronx without losing them to drugs, death, or prostitution.  She maintained her faith in God through adversity and was proud of having a strong Catholic faith.  She felt blessed to present in marriage, two of her children and reveled […]


I was born in New York in 1949, a fact I blame on my parents.  They moved to New York in 1948 from the enchanted island of Puerto Rico, seeking their fortune.  My dad was a cook, later became a seafood chef at one of New York’s finest restaurants and we lived in the heart […]