To A Special Young Lady

Happy Birthday To A Special Young Lady

What seems like yesterday is still fresh in my mind. On that night so long ago you entered my life as you left your cocoon of nine months, yelling loudly as your eyes made contact with those fluorescent hospital lights. When they placed you in my arms I smiled as I saw the mane of shiny black hair and I recognized you as the daughter I knew I’d be bringing into this world ever since I was 12 years of age. You have been a gem among gems and someone I respected and looked up to.  But on December 19th you sent me a terrible text stating that our relationship wasn’t a healthy one for you and felt you needed distance.  I cried and felt “isn’t living 3,000 miles away enough distance?”  You never called or contacted me again and somehow I found a place of solace where I found God and good friends who picked me out of the state I was in making sure I didn’t kill myself.  I probably won’t hear from you this Mother’s Day but that’s alright.  I accepted Christ as my savior and will be baptized next month.  If you ever find the strength to have a relationship with a mother who would sacrifice her life for you, I would be happy to hear from you again.  I keep your photos near me always and send you light and love daily.  Be well my love.

~ With love, from mom.

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