Healing My Life

Woman practicing yoga at sunriseIn 2008, while my care management business was in full swing, my marriage fell apart. In fact, it happened on Valentine’s day.  That year I suffered shingles five times and if it weren’t for a dear friend and nurse, who took over the business so I could facilitate healing, we would have closed our doors permanently.  I did as the doctors suggested but something in me just died and nothing was able to heal the hurt. While at home, I sat down on the computer discovering social media which greatly helped the business rebound but my soul no longer felt warm and fuzzy.  Of course, I blamed myself for a failed marriage and depression quickly set in.  My daughter flew in from California adding much comfort.  Our time together was very helpful which was truly a wonderful gift.  Soon I was back at work and nothing had changed.  Being the abrupt individual that I am, one day I went online and sought a roommate, called Faith Farm, donated everything I owned, and moved in with a deeply spiritual lady and good friend who belonged to Siddha Yoga.  Following her advice, I read everything I could about spirituality, listened to the wonderful mantras of Deva Premal, attended Saturday night at the Meditation Center attempting to meditate (more off than on) and read wonderfully healing books by Louise Hay.  Shubhra’s house was truly a temple.  Soon, business kept me at work often till 9 pm, and my headaches increased in intensity because of the many complex cases we were handling in our geriatric care management business.  Along with all this came increasing weight gain, increased blood pressure, and a persistent cough.  One day a colleague who was also working late observed that I had been coughing for 4 months.  Rodney advised participating in a weekend meditation intensive taught to the nurses of a local Hospice which I attended.  I learned the tools I would need to regain a sense of balance and good health.  I would probably not be as stable as I feel now had it not been for my spiritually minded friends and guides from whom I learned healthy eating habits, the importance of forgiveness, a daily meditation practice, and the need to begin every day in a spirit of gratitude.  Today, no matter what has occurred the previous day, I awake fresh and grateful for the new day, look at myself in the mirror and say “I love you Olga”, and spend at least 15 minutes in meditation, listening to wonderful mantras. I wouldn’t trade this feeling of serenity for anything.  Every night I enjoy a night of blissful sleep. What could be better? 

I share this because along with being a vegetarian and practicing daily meditation, I am deeply grateful to all those lessons in life, those good and those not so good which have occurred throughout  the past six years – Lord knows there have been many!  These lessons have brought me to a state of good health and general contentment needed to start each new day.  Try it!  What do you have to lose?

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